We participate to Istanbul Informatic Congress…

Organized by Turkish Informatics Association, Istanbul Informatics Congress is to be held for seventh time on 15-16 December in Kadir Has University. "Smart Cities" being the main theme, other main topics such as "IT Management", "Digital Life & Digital Youth" and "Social Media" will be discussed among the participants with the attendance of elite speakers from different companies and sectors. During the congress where various panel discussions and workshop will take place, our General Manager Mr. Dirim Sener will make presentation named as "Catching the Rhtym in Project Management" on Friday, 16th of December at 09.30.

Everybody who is interested to hear about new perspectives in project management and informatics, is welcome to this event where participation is free of charge.

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Delicate Matters To Rule A Project

You are invited to our seminar about "Delicate Matters to Rule a Project" to be presented by Mr. Dirim Sener, General Manager at MESH, with attendance of Mr. Erki Kiroglu, Software & System Development Director at MESH and Mr. Timur Eris, Project Manager at Omega Marine as speakers. The seminar is organized by Prof. Dr. Metin Taylan and is to be held in Istanbul Technical University.

Date: Thursday, 01 December 2011
Time: 10.30
Location: Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Conference Room


We are participating to Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting.

Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting, of which Mesh Engineering & Software Co. is a regular participant, is going to be held on 17th-18th November 2011 in Istanbul Byotell. In this eighth gathering, our Advanced Engineering Director Mr. Levent Kaydıhan, Ph.D. and Engineer of Roketsan Bülent Acar will make a contribution with a presentation about "Application of C type eyebolt connection in weapon system construction" and will share our knowledge and experience on comparison of stress and force values created on the eyebolt structure and bolts in weapon system constructions with attendees and Abaqus users.


Project Management Summit - Defence

PMI TR Chapter continues to promote Project Management with an important activity in Ankara. The theme of the event which will be held on November 22 at METU is determined as "PM Summit 2011 - DEFENCE". Together with experts participating from different sectors related to defence technologies, we hope to meet you there.

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7. Project Management Day

It'a a tradition to celebrate The International Project Management Day (PM Day) on the first Thursday of November each year. This year PM Day will be celebrated with a series of events in Turkey by the cooperation of IPYD and PMI-TR Chapter. We are proud to provide our support as sponsor to these events which will take place in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Below you may find the details of the events. We hope to meet you there.

Happy International Project Management Day

İSTANBUL activity information
Event Date : 3 November 2011 Thursday 19:00 – 21:30
Event Fee : 50 TL (Kokteyl)
Event Place : BÜMED Burç Restoran
Adress : Boğaziçi Üniversitesi 6 Nolu Lojman Yanı Rumelihisarı Sarıyer / İstanbul
Tel : 0212 265 22 99
Speech Theme : Teknoloji Dünyasında Proje DeneyimiKonuk
Speaker : Hakkı ALKAN ( Genel Yayın Koordinatörü)

ANKARA activity information
Event Date : 3 November 2011 Thursday 19:00 – 21:30
Event Fee : 30 TL (Kokteyl)
Event Place : ODTÜ MD Vişnelik Tesisleri
Adress : 428. Sok. 100.Yıl Ankara
Tel : 0312 287 73 38
Speaker: Işın METİN ( Bilkent Senfoni Orkestrası Şefi )

İZMİR activity information
Event Date : 3 November 2011 Thursday 19:00 – 21:30
Event Fee : 30 TL (Kokteyl)
Event Place : Le Cigale Restoran
Adress : Cumhuriyet Bulvari No: 152 Fransız Kültür Merkezi Alsancak/ Izmir
Tel : 0232 421 47 80
Speech Theme : Yerel Yönetim Proje Deneyimi " Cittaslow & EXPO
Speaker: Tunç SOYER (Seferihisar Belediye Başkanı)



Introducing "Delicate Matters" to rule the Project Management in Ship Building..!

The professional improvement seminar having the theme as "Mega Yacht Projects" has been held on 28th of May 2011 in Proteksan-Turquoise premises by the organization of PMI-TR Chapter and under Proteksan-Turquoise sponsorship.

The seminar started at 14.00 pm with registration and reception followed by the presentation entitled as "Project Management in Mega Yacht Sector" made by Ms. Ozlem Yurdakul, Project Manager of Proteksan-Turquoise. During one hour time, Ms. Yurdakul gave detailed explanation about the working style in mega yacht building projects and project management activities carried out in her company. Afterwards Mr. Timur Eriş, Project Manager of Omega Marine together with Mr. Dirim Şener, General Manager of Mesh, presented an interesting topic entitled "Delicate Matters to Rule a Project". The presentation was opened by Dirim Şener with the speech about the meaning and importance of ships for people and followed by the explanation of business models, especially the nature of design-to-order and build-to-order type models in shipbuilding industry. Then Timur Eriş, based on his experience in different and important ship building projects during his carrier in Omega Marine, has taken the place to introduce delicate matters that should be carefully considered in order to succeed in ship building projects while presenting the screenshots prepared in RITMIQ project management platform. In final part Dirim Şener came back to the stage and highlighted the importance of planning in projects, the issues to be taken into account to succeed in project management and the benefits at corporate level of generalizing the project management culture within the organization. At the end of the presentation which has taken a great attention from the audience in terms of content and visuality, Dirim Şener has given the good news of a new and equally interesting presentation. d

We thank you to all volunteers in PMI-TR Chapter for organizing such event, to Proteksan-Turquoise for all logistic support and warm hospitality and finally to the valuable audience who contributed very lively to the seminar by questions and comments.

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Cagrı Elektrik will manage their projects in RITMIQ way!

Çağrı Elektrik being one of the most important companies in electrical contracting sector has chosen RITMIQ for the management of their project portfolio. With RITMIQ, that provides ultimate project management techniques, Çağrı Elektrik aims to measure, report and improve their success performance based on time, budget, scope, their profitability per project as well as efficient and optimum use of their common resources. Additionally, Mesh will give valuable consultancy support to Çağrı Elektrik in order to improve and generalize the culture of project management at corporate level. We thank you to Çağrı Elektrik and their respectful managers for believing in new generation project management and choosing the user-friendly RITMIQ platform.

Çağrı Elektrik was founded in 1994 in Beylikduzu which has become on of the most important industrial and settlement zone in Istanbul. Among the fields of activities of the company that has been continuously growing since the foundation, there are consultancy and engineering services, electrical contracting, production boards, electric design projects, medium voltage installation and consultancy, automation, telecommunication, motor winding, technical services and electricity market. Çağrı Elektrik that has become a very important solution center & trademark of the sector with and unlimited energy and respect focusing on customer relations, developing expert staff, humanity, environment and public values, has carried and still carries out many important projects in local and global arena.



Vistek ISRA Vision count on RITMIQ!

ST Otomasyon, monthly published technology magazine shared a page in April 2011 issue for Vistek ISRA Vision and RITMIQ. To read the article please click.tıklayın.



Seminar: "Ship Vibration"

You are invited to our seminar about "Ship Vibration" to be presented by Mr. Yasar Gul, chairman and Mr. Levent Kaydihan, PhD., advanced engineering director and to be held on Yildiz Technical University.

Date: Tuesday, 29 March 2011
Time: 14.00 pm
Location: Yildiz Technical, Yildiz Campus A Block (A501)


Vistek ISRA Vision will manage their projects with RITMIQ!

Vistek ISRA Vision has chosen RITMIQ, the new success formula in project management, as the software platform to manage their multiple projects with limited resources in a most efficient way. We would like to express our gratitude to Vistek ISRA Vision who aim to finish the projects on time and in planned budge and have got the vision to increase their efficiency and productivity, for selecting RITMIQ.

Vistek ISRA Vision was founded in 2006 by Prof. Aytul Ercil, with partnership of Sabanci group, in order to transfer the 25 years of machine vision and statistical process control know-how into manufacturing. Vistek ISRA Vision creates state-of-the-art solutions using machine vision technology for modern production lines, where productivity and quality assurance are essential. Vistek ISRA Vision applies the technical know-how, using various advanced imaging hardware, related computer systems and advanced software developed within the company. Also creates value for the customers by developing projects, in cooperation with business partners like Mvtec, Basler and Sony; each of which are leaders in their own areas.

MESH Engineering & Software Co. (MESH) is a technology and solution consultancy company providing IT based engineering and software solutions for various industries. MESH whose origin is marine sector where a various engineering-based work disciplines collaborates within dynamic relationship network, is able to provide services for different sectors thanks to the wide experiences built up over the years. Core business areas of MESH are Advanced Engineering Solutions using Finite Element Method (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) on one part; smart software and system development services customized for users’ needs on the other part. RITMIQ, MESH’s new generation project management software, is an integrated platform that facilitates and quickens planning, coordinating, collaborating, executing, auditing, reporting, predicting and optimizing a corporation’s business activities within the concept of project.

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Rhythm is needed to manage projects more effectively

Mr. Dirim Sener's interview with BT Haber Newspaper about new Project Management Software product "RITMIQ" can be found from the link below.

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Don't be the slave of your software, manage them!

Mr. Dirim Sener's interview with ITU Graduates Association (ITU Mezunları Dernegi) about MESH's new software product "RITMIQ" can be found from the link below.

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*Interview will be published in "ITU Mezunlari" Magazine's February edition


Good Design and Production with CAE Analysis

Steve Krug, the guru of usability in design says for good design: "I can’t define the good design and I can definitely know it when I see". In Mesh Engineering & Software Co, we help you to produce high quality products with low costs by realizing good designs with scientific methods. By using the most sophisticated software applications we provide you our experiences gained in different sectors and projects in roder to enable you improve you good design, development and innovation processes.

You may reach the article "Good Design and Production with CAE Analysis" prepared by Mr. Ali Cantaş (Sales & Marketing Director) for from the following link.

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Yenasoft in CAD/CAM Applications

The right choice for CAD/CAM/CAE softwares sales, after sales support and consultancy.

15 Years of knowledge and experience in CAD/CAM

Established in 1996, Yenasoft has been providing CAD/CAM/CAE software solutions to its customers for almost 15 years. The firm now operates in İstanbul(main office), Bursa, İzmir, Ankara and Konya offices within the Turkey.

Yenasoft is the only company with the ISO 9001 certificate in the competitive Turkish CAD/CAM Market, proving the delivery of equally high quality level of services to all customers.

Product Range and Right Solutions

Yenasoft is the recognized Turkish distributor of SolidWorks (Dassault Systèmes), CAM Processor Auton/Esprit (DP Technologies), sheet metal software Metalix, 3D digitizer Microscribe and 3D printer V-Flash. The products are mostly preferred in industrial design, electronic equipments, engineering, manufacturing etc.


Unique SolidWorks Solutions

Yenasoft is an award-winning Authorized SolidWorks Reseller, #1 reseller in Turkey for 2008 and 2009.

The vision with Solidworks is to accelerate the production process and contribute effectiveness by diminishing the difficulties when creative ideas are put into practice.

The software provides all the product design tools to bring one’s concept to the market faster while reducing the costs. It provides choices of Mechanical Design, Product Documentation (3D Via Composer), Design Validation, Simulation and Product Data Management Software.

All in all, Yenasoft is the right solution partner in implementing and supporting simple and effective CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for product design and manufacturing companies.

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We are participating to Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting.

Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting, of which Mesh Engineering & Software Co. is a regular participant, is going to be held on 5th-7th November 2010 in Istanbul Byotell. In this eighth gathering, our Advanced Engineering Director Mr. Levent Kaydıhan, Ph.D. will make a contribution with a presentation about "Shock Analysis of a Small Boat" and will share our knowledge and experience on engineering calculations of shock effects caused by explosion with attendees and Abaqus users.


We participated Tatef'10 Fair...

MESH's General Manager Mr. Dirim Şener, Advanced Engineering Director Dr. Levent Kaydıhan and Sales & Marketing Director Ali Cantaş gave a detailed presentation about "Advanced Engineering Analysis, Design Criteria and Software Solutions for a Good Design" at 13. International TATEF'10 - International Metalworking Technologies Exhibition. In the same session, Recep Çınar, Technical Manager of Yenasoft, shared his knowledge and experience about "SolidWorks Design Validation Solutions" with valuable participants.

TATEF'10 fair has taken place at Istanbul Yeşilköy CNR exhibition area with a large group of attendees between 12-17 October 2010. We found an opportunity to present the "criteria of good design and our advanced engineering solutions to create good design" together with Yenasoft.

Mr. Dirim Sener spoke about criteria of good design, how to perform for better designs and the relationship between good design and organization's success. He emphasized the importance of engineering analysis which is a popular subject of today's engineering activities and contributes to the roadmap for good design that is ensured by creativity and hard working.

Mr. Dr. Kaydihan presented types of analysis that Mesh is able to make and mentioned about examples of applications after defining the engineering analysis. He mentioned the benefits of the engineering analysis as follows;

  • Rapid response for customer demands
  • Risk reduction with error detection at design phase
  • Cost-reducing improvements in production
  • Competitive advantages with innovation
  • Improved engineering knowledge

We would like to thank all the participants who have shown interest to our seminar where we shared our experiences about the importance of the engineering analysis while creating good design and minimizing the cost for design and production.


Our brands are registered

Our applications for the protection of "Mesh" and "Ritmiq" brands to Turkish Patent institute have been approved. Therefore "Mesh" and "Ritmiq" brands are registered by Turkish Patent Institute for 10 years starting from 29/09/2009.


Our advanced engineering department director
Mr. Levent Kaydıhan received his Ph.D. degree

Our advanced engineering department director Mr. Levent Kaydıhan received his Ph.D. degree on December 2009 at the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in Institute of Science & Technology of Yıldız Technical University by completing successfully his thesis about "A Three Dimensional Hydro-Elastic Analysis for Investigation The Dynamic Characteristics of Ships".  We congratulate him and wish the continuation of his success.


We participated to Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting

Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting, of which Mesh Engineering & Software Co. is a regular participant, has been held on 12th-13th November 2009 in Istanbul Byotell. In this seventh gathering we made a contribution with a presentation about “Hydroelastic Dynamic Characteristics of a Bulk Carrier Series” and shared our knowledge and experience on engineering calculations and methods during the design stage of bulk carriers with other participants and Abaqus users.


A new and fresh breath in Project Management!

In order to achieve your project objectives if you want to;

  • Establish an effective management organization
    because non-managed businesses are meant to fail
  • To treat your work as projects
    because project is the most common working practice
  • To manage your projects with scientific approach
    because project management is a tested, reliable, scientific method.

RITMIQ could be your faithful butler.

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