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Our works that were published or presented in various seminars, conferences and publications.

Advanced Engineering


2010 - Website of (PDF, 298 Kb)

Good Design and Production with CAE Analysis

2009 - Ansys Advantage Magazine (PDF, 70 Kb)

Ansys advantage magazine - Delta Marine paper

2008 - Marstruct Istanbul 2008 Presentation (PDF, 12.9 Mb)

Hydro-Elastic Analysis of Marine Structures Using a Boundary Integral Equation Method

2008 - Turkish Journal of Engineering & Enviromental Science Paper
(PDF, 913 Kb)

Numerical Prediction of Wave Drag of 2-D and 3-D Bodies under or on a Free Surface

2007- Inter Noise 2007 Conferance Paper (PDF, 676 Kb)

A hydroelastic vibration analysis of a container ship using finite element and boundary element methods.

2007 - Team 2007 Conferance Paper (PDF, 520 Kb)

Hydroelastic Analysis of a 1900 TEU Container Ship Using Finite Element and Boundary Element Methods.


We are participating to Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting.

Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting, of which Mesh Engineering & Software Co. is a regular participant, is going to be held on 17th-18th November 2011 in Istanbul Byotell. Details. >>