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Software Development

Delta Manager

Delta Manager is a document management solution that is developed specifically for shipbuilding industry to be used by the designers, shipyards, equipment manufacturers or subcontractors.

The software was developed for MESH’s sister company Delta Marine (Turkish Ship Design & Consultancy) to cover the needs such as definition and management of design documentation within a systemmatic as well as tracking the versioning and exchange of these documentation. During the development Delta Manager has become a platform where the management could be done for not only the design documentation but also every documentation, that can be standardized (naming, numbering, etc.) within a custom systemmatic (a folder structure) of the user company.

At the moment this solution is still being used in Delta Marine for the following purposes;

  • Definition of the documentation systemmatic of ship design projects
  • Usage of the design documentation, defined according to a shipbuilding standard, specific to projects
  • Storage area for design documentation and all documents related to them
  • Management of file exchanges (send & receive)
  • Management of relationship, version, history and index fields of documents
  • Assignments and follow up of tasks specific to documents

Delta Manager components;

Project Manager

It’s the component where all basic concepts in Delta Manager system are defined and created. These basic concepts are Template, Folder, Document and Project. Moreover in this component, security and access rights of every user, the database tables where all contact information (including employees) of user company and other companies related to this are included and finally system rights can be defined and made available for use.

Delta Manager components;


Messenger provides the access to the user by recognizing the session opened by the user in Delta Manager system, checks the online status of the user, unlocks the documents that user has opened and left open without making any operation, maintains the online communication among the users and provides the access to the last two components of the system: Document Manager and Notifier.

Delta Manager components;

Document Manager

It is the interface that provides the access of the user to the documents. It also contains information about document’s history and versions. Document Manager enables the user to enter document-specific index information, define relationships among documents, create documents within the system, generate reports about projects and users and provides the interface for to make sending operations.

Delta Manager components;


The user can track the tasks that was assigned or the tasks that he/she has assigned to any other user with the detailed information.

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