Flow simulations for single phase fluid phenomenon...

Streamlines, flow separation points, velocity and pressure distributions, friction and lifting forces…

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Single Phase Flow Analyses

Flow analyses that consist of only one fluid type. As examples vehicle aerodynamics, submarine hydrodynamics, HVAC analyses and turbo machinery analyses without cavitation could be given.

Streamlines, flow separation points, velocity and pressure distributions, friction and lifting forces could be obtained from the results of these analyses.

Following analyses could be done;

  • Ship viscous pressure resistance, friction resistance and nominal wake distribution and values calculations by double body flow analyses
  • Ship appendages resistance
  • Thrust and torque coefficients (Kt, Kq) calculation for propellers without cavitation
  • Friction and lifting force calculations for rudders in behind the ship or isolated conditions
  • Ship-propeller interaction analyses, thrust reduction and effective wake coefficient
  • Hydrodynamic derivatives of only hull, hull with propeller and rudder conditions for ship maneuvering calculations
  • Flow analysis around ship superstructures
  • Flow analysis around any kind of land structure
  • Flow and heat transfer calculations in closed volume
  • HVAC analyses

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