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Software Development

What makes software different than other tools? All machines invented by mankind have been serving people to ease their physical activities but the only "machine" that is of assistance to human brain is software...

Software Development Team, before the establishment of MESH, started to function under Delta Marine's "umbrella". Their aim was to develop to provide software solutions and applications to fasten and ease the ship design activities in Delta Marine.

Changes in needs directed the company to focus also on project/document/business management issues. MESH’s Software Development Team, is working on both ship design and project management solutions. As time goes by, depending on internal and external needs, this department started to grow up and diversified the product and service portfolio.

The areas that MESH provides software solutions are as follows;

  • Ship Design Software Solutions
  • Shipbuilding Software Solutions
  • Project Management Software Solutions
  • Document Management Software Solutions
  • Business Management Software Solutions

Regarding software development for ship design, so far MESH provided solutions for ship design activities such as hull fom design and optimization, stability and longitudinal strength calculations, ship’s loading operations, etc. Company’s first and most well-known product is named as "DeltaLoad", which is a loading instrument software capable of making ship theory calculations and also includes add-on applications to generate damage stability scenarios and communicate online with tank measurement systems. The software is not only being used in every ship that Delta Marine designs but it is running in computers of approximately 300 ships sailing in all around the world. A continuous development and improvement work is carried out on DeltaLoad, which succedded to have a respectful reputation among its users.

MESH has also achieved to develop codes for computational fluid dynamics analyses and applications for 3D ship modeling and ship theory calculations.

Regarding software development for project management purposes MESH managed to release a document management software called "DeltaManager" and the software is still being used as the main document storage and handling platform in Delta Marine. By taking the experience of project-based working style of its sister company and the experience on DeltaManager’s development process as basis, MESH had sufficient knowledge to start creating an integrated project and business management solution.

That’s how RITMIQ was born. With RITMIQ, MESH’s aim is to present a new approach to managerial point of view by providing an intelligent platform for the management of businesses, processes and projects.


We are participating to Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting.

Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting, of which Mesh Engineering & Software Co. is a regular participant, is going to be held on 17th-18th November 2011 in Istanbul Byotell. Details. >>