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MESH Engineering & Software Co. (MESH) is a technology and solution consultancy company founded in 2002 to present IT-based engineering and software services for various industries. MESH whose origin is marine sector where various engineering disciplines (naval architecture, electrics, mechanics, HVAC, metal works, etc.) are gathered and many different project actors are cooperating within dynamic business relationships, have gained the competence and experience to serve different sectors throughout the years. MESH's core business areas are Advanced Engineering services comprising mainly Finite Element Methods (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) on one side and development of smart engineering and business management software and systems customized for users' needs on the other side.


To realize above mentioned applications, MESH works with a strong team formed by people studied in different engineering disciplines such as Naval Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics. Team members have around 10 years of experience on advanced engineering applications for the static and dynamic analyses of fixed or moving offshore, onshore and air structures with Finite Element Method (FEM) and for hydrodynamic and aerodynamic analyses with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). MESH having their roots from marine sector is not only working for offshore structures but also provides engineering analysis services to their customers for onshore structures in industries such as building, machinery, aviation, automotive, etc. The aim of MESH's Advanced Engineering team is to provide services to their customers to enable them proving that the particularities of products or structures, which will be served for the people's use, are stable, reliable and can meet the requirements. For that reason this team uses the most advanced software tools and carries out the verification and improvement of engineering designs in every level. These engineering applications are mentioned as follows.

    Structural Analyses
  • Strength Analyses
  • Vibration Analyses
  • Dynamic and Shock Resistance Analyses
  • Crash Tests
  • Mechanism Simulations
  • Thermal Analyses
  • Fatigue Analyses
  • Buckling Analyses
    Fluid Dynamics Analyses
  • Single Phase Flow Analyses
  • Multi Phase Flow Analyses
  • Potential Flow Analyses
    Fluid - Structure Interaction
  • Hydroelastic Vibration Analyses
  • Solid Dynamics in Fluid
  • Underwater Explosion (UNDEX) Analyses
    Vibro-Acoustic Noise Analysis
  • Vibro-Acoustic Noise Analysis
  • Underwater Noise Analysis


Software technology that occupies in modern times a very important position for the development of humanity in terms of science and community, will take attraction more and more in the future. MESH by following very closely the developments in this area, provides reliable and innovative products and services that fit the customers' needs.

Started the software and system development by developing applications to ease and fasten the ship design processes, MESH by increasing rapidly their service and product portfolio managed to develop software products for ship design, ship building, document management and Project and business management.

MESH provides smart and user-friendly software and system solutions indicated as follows,

  • Project & Business Management
  • Ship Design
  • Ship Building
  • Document Management

The aim of MESH's Software & System Development Department is to exactly fulfill customers' requirements with high quality by creating sofware solutions that are user-friendly, robust in architecture and easily customizable to the specific needs.


MESH determined their vision as a business world and future where innovation occupies an important position and corporations use advanced level engineering and software tools for their work and research.



  • Developing advanced engineering tools to be provided as products,
  • Contributing into development of high quality products by doing projects analysis and projects with these tools,
  • Presenting the experience and knowledge as consultancy service.

As an agile, responsive, innovative and experienced technology and solution consultancy company MESH;

  • is a reliable business partner having knowledge, innovation skills and expertise...
  • watch the world, perceive goings-on, understand, give meaning, designate them and convert them into customized solutions with correct forecasting...
  • produce solution and support services that optimize their corporate governance ability in each and every functional area

We are participating to Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting.

Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting, of which Mesh Engineering & Software Co. is a regular participant, is going to be held on 17th-18th November 2011 in Istanbul Byotell. Details. >>


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