Advanced Engineering: methods candidate to model the reality...

React quickly to market demands, reach perfection by avoiding mistakes, create strategies that will provide competitive advantage...

Advanced Engineering

In order to react quickly to market demands, to reach perfection by avoiding mistakes, to create strategies that will provide competitive advantage, it is inevitable for corporations of production industry to select methods that -during product development phase- is beyond standard engineering works, candidate to model the reality. And that is advanced engineering applications.

In brief, advanced engineering applications are carried out to determine the behavior of a designed object against internal and external impacts, by forming and solving its 3D numerical mesh with numerical method appropriate to the kind of analysis. In another sense it is virtual reality. For an object whose design is finalized with appropriate and sufficient advanced engineering application;

  • There is no surprise after the production
  • There is no waste of material
  • There is no missing function
  • There is no need for an experimental study or at least it's minimized

To realize above mentioned applications, MESH works with a strong team formed by people studied in different engineering disciplines such as Naval Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics. Team members have around 10 years of experience on advanced engineering applications, especially related to offshore structures' static and dynamic analyses with Finite Element Method (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). MESH is not only working for offshore structures but also provides engineering analysis services to their customers for onshore structures for industries such as building, machinery, aviation, automotive, etc.

The aim of MESH's Advanced Engineering team is to provide services to their customers to enable them proving that the particularities of products or structures, which will be served for the people's use, are stable, reliable and can meet the requirements. For that reason this team uses the most advanced software tools and carries out the verification and improvement of engineering designs in every level. These engineering applications are mentioned as follows;

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