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DeltaLoad is a powerful software tool that makes a wide range of theoretical calculations regarding the ship hydrostatic in ship design area. Intact stability, damage stability, longitudinal strength calculations are among the basic abilities of the software. Based on these calculations, DeltaLoad can also provide results for draught survey, DWT, free surface effects, the flotation position of the ship (draught, trim, list), weight and buoyancy distribution, bending moment and shear forces.

DeltaLoad is applicable to various types of ships such as general cargo, bulk carrier, tanker, containership, Ro-Ro, passenger ship, warship and yatch.

The software is generated as specific to ship. That means DeltaLoad is always customized for every single ship. Furthermore it is also possible to use the software in the ship’s computer onboard as well as in operating office. With DeltaLoad it is possible to create loading cases before loading the ship in real and evaluate the behavior of the ship in terms of hydrostatics. This brings an added-value for being proactive in sea transportation operations.

Data Entry

The loading data can be entered manually from the compartment list or from the selected compartment in the graphical interface. In case that an electronic tank measurement system exists on the ship, it is possible to establish a communication link between this system and DeltaLoad via an online communication add-on module that ensures the interaction of two systems through the exchange of data either at desired times or continuously.

Intact Stability

When a loading data is changed in a compartment DeltaLoad is able to calculate automatically the new equilibrium status (as draught, trim and list) of the ship. The compliance of the criteria, which is calculated from the static stability curve, is checked with IMO criteria.

Damage Stability

The compartments that can be damaged according to the damage standards determined in Marpol or IBC Codes are automatically damaged at given loading condition and the criteria are checked for every damage case. This feature provides damage scenarios without any requirement of expertise about damage stability on user side.

Longitudinal Strength

When a loading data is changed in a compartment, the new equilibrium status (as draught, trim and list) is automatically calculated and weight and buoyancy distribution is generated according to the new condition. The load distribution is calculated from the difference of weight and buoyancy distribution. Calculating the integral of the load distribution gives the shear force while calculating the integral of the shear force gives the bending moment. The calculated shear force and bending moment values are compared with the allowable values given by the classification society for the control points.

Container Loading

A special loading editor and reporting tool is provided for container loading. The loading cases can be provided in standard “EDI” format in order to be used in the ship and/or by loading ports.

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