Impact Loadings: Investigating structures’ behaviour…

Building's displacement in earthquake, automobile's pit fall, ship's bow slamming...

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Dynamic Analyses

This analysis type aims to investigate the behaviors of the structures under the time dependent boundary conditions and loadings.

Examples to dynamic analyses can be;

  • Earthquake dynamic analysis by applying time dependent earthquake displacement to a building's foundation
  • Vehicle chassis dynamic analysis by simulating the pit fall physical phenomena
  • Ship structure dynamic analysis under time dependent bow slamming pressures

Boat Shock Analysis Model
(MILGEM Project)
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Shock Analysis Displacement
Results (NBC Unit)
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Seismic Analysis
(Iran Water Research Building)
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In the results of analyses, time dependent displacement and stress values at every node of the model can be obtained.

Shock Analyses

This analysis type investigates the dynamic responses of the entire structure or a part of it or equipment connected to the structure when they are exposed to shock loadings.

In case that the reducing the shock acceleration is in question, shock response spectrum given by the related and authorized society is applied to the structure and with chosen shock mounts, resulting acceleration values and reaction forces are reduced. Therefore final displacement and stress results are investigated.

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