Noise Control with SEA Method

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Noise Control with SEA Method

SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis) method is an effective method to investigate complex noise and vibration issues at the early or advanced stages in the design cycle of a structure. The SEA method can be used to optimize the design of structures for which the physical prototyping would be very expensive or to carry out the finalization of a design before building the prototype, thus provides important savings in time and cost.

In SEA method, the structure is modeled as a union of interacting subsystems. The response of the structure to different forms of mechanic or acoustic excitations is calculated by solving the interaction between the subsystems. By adding the outer fluid domains such as air or seawater into model, either effects of the outer excitations in the structure or effects of structural excitations in the outer domain can be calculated in terms of sound pressure levels. SEA is a useful method in investigating the noise and vibrations of structures such as cars, trucks, aircraft, spacecraft, ships, electronic equipment, buildings and etc.

As an example for the use of Statistical Energy Analysis method, the calculation of the sound pressure levels in the critical accommodation areas (wheelhouse deck, crew and passenger cabins, etc..) and work spaces in a ship or a yacht, to predict the noise levels which is produced by engines, generators and fans via airborne and structure-borne paths, may be given. Resulting dB levels is checked with International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Guidelines for noise levels on board ships and insulation or structural modifications to reduce the noise levels at certain cabins are suggested if necessary.

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