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Complex analyses due to the theory and numerical solution methods are carried out.

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Multi Phase Flow Analyses

They are the fluid dynamic analyses which consist of more than one fluid type. The fluid types could either exist in the analysis from the beginning or appear at later stages. Multi phase flows are more complex analyses than the single phase analyses due to its theory and numerical solution methods. Therefore the duration for the solution is much longer and they require expertise in perspective of solution techniques. Multi phase flow is very important especially for ship hydrodynamics and offshore structures.

The following analyses could be given as examples;

  • Ship Wave Resistance Analyses: It can be defined as the energy which is spent to free surface deformations of the ship while it is advancing in a linear route in calm water.
  • Sloshing Analyses: It can be defined as the resulting pressure values in a vessel from the inside fluid motions due to the vessel movements.
  • Cavitations Analyses: Water vaporization due to pressure drops
  • Flow in Pipelines or Channels
  • Wave Forces Analyses for Offshore Structures
  • Exhaust Gas Distribution Analyses

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