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Advanced Engineering

Structural Analyses

MESH's Advanced Engineering department, by using famous software products ANSYS, ABAQUS and NASTRAN, is able to perform structural analyses categorized as follows;

Examples of applications that MESH provided as service to their customers are mentioned below;

  • Linear or non-Linear, global or local stresses analysis of ship structures affected by internal loads and loads from the sea
  • Thermal distribution and thermal stress analysis in case of carrying heated cargo
  • Global vibration analysis with surrounding water interaction
  • Time dependent impact analysis due to instant acceleration increase as a result of an explosion
  • Analysis of buckling due to effects of vertical static and wave bending moment on midship deck and bottom structure of a ship
  • Analysis of fatigue effects due to periodical loadings on structures

We are participating to Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting.

Abaqus Turkey Users Meeting, of which Mesh Engineering & Software Co. is a regular participant, is going to be held on 17th-18th November 2011 in Istanbul Byotell. Details. >>