Resolving Flows
Around the Ship...

Introducing a potential theory based software solution that ensures the linearization of the free water surface effect to resolve flow around the ship...

Software Development


DeltaFlow is a potential theory based software solution that resolves the flow around the ship by ensuring the linearization of the free water surface effect. The numerical technique is the application of Dawson’s algorithm on the Hess-Smith’s panel methodology.

DeltaFlow enables to observe the flow characteristics and the effect on the free water surface of a mass going ahead either when breaking through the water surface or in a sunken position. As a result of this, it becomes possible to calculate the dynamic pressure distribution, the streamlines, speed distribution, free surface deformation and wave forming resistance around the mass within the potential theory framework.

Following ship design studies can be carried out with DeltaFlow;

  • The optimization of viscous pressure resistance by observing the pressure distribution and streamlines around the ship.
  • The optimization of the global hull form by evaluating the effect of the ship’s main dimensions and parameters on ship’s wave resistance.
  • The optimization of the local form(s) by taking into consideration the influence of the local changes on ship’s hull form (e.g. the bulb) on ship’s wave resistance.
  • The calculation of wave resistance magnitude in order to make comparison between different hull forms.

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