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RITMIQ is an integrated platform that facilitates and quickens planning, coordinating, collaborating, executing, auditing, reporting, predicting and optimizing a corporation’s business activities within the concept of project. RITMIQ ensures achieving your project goals and objectives.

Planning with RITMIQ

RITMIQ enables to define, schedule and relate the activities within a project scope, and also determine and assign resources to them. Conditions can be defined to trigger any activity and additional actions can be programmed at any stage of an activity to fit business rules.

Coordination and Collaboration with RITMIQ

RITMIQ provides an integrated platform in which calendar and resource pools are shared by many projects. Additionally; activities, milestones and critical paths can be observed by users. There are also tools that help users to correspond, see system driven messages, share activities and related documents, and pass down organizational business knowledge.

Execution with RITMIQ

RITMIQ delivers a user interface where project team, project managers and executives can plan and execute their work within a shared system. Planning can be arranged within any time scale and shared through task lists. Execution is enriched with run-time data entry, revision and real-time observation of those two. RITMIQ prevents conflicts between planning and execution.

Reporting, Auditing and Prediction with RITMIQ

RITMIQ reports completed project activities, displays the current state of projects and shows phases of progress so that users can predict the future of their business. Quintessential reports support decision makers with desired formats of aggregated data. Activities can be monitored at every phase by auditing tools that are designed to observe progress. Any future effect of a new project or a change in a project can be foreseen by simulation without the need for the real execution of the work.

Optimization with RITMIQ

RITMIQ contributes to prevent prodigality and manage project resources (personnel, time, location, material, equipment, money, energy, etc.) optimally. As projects complete, real execution durations are calculated for every activity; these values will be presented to user for duration optimization purposes in future plans. Moreover, satisfactory sub-processes can be standardized and used as templates in subsequent projects.

Performance Evaluation with RITMIQ

RITMIQ enables to observe the proximity to project goals at every stage using units of money and time. In this context, RITMIQ uses the most recent project performance evaluation method; Earned Value Analysis. In addition, personnel efficiency can be reported for selected intervals as cost-based and calendar-based.

Document and Knowledge Management with RITMIQ

RITMIQ enables to effectively manage documents and knowledge that are either inside the system or from outer resources. Document information, versioning, history, relationships and related files can be controlled, queried and modified within security restrictions. RITMIQ provides tools to easily follow event histories of objects. Additionally, any information -apart from a document- can be formatted inside the system and related with the objects in the system.

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